Homecooked: Pasta Pomodoro

My husband says that this his favorite among all the dishes I have prepared at home. It makes for a nice light dinner that is easy and requires very little time to prepare. This recipe came about from putting together tips from several cooking blogs and cooking shows. After a couple of tweaks, I've found the one that my family…read more

The Fair Advantage

Two years ago, you may have heard the news of a young Cebuana named Maxi Bolongaita, who was attacked in her home by an intruder with a gun. Armed with a bolo, she fought for her life. Sadly, she didn't survive the encounter. But because she fought so hard and hacked him so many times, he ended up in the…read more

Powerful In Surrender

Powerful. That was the title of the song we flowed to at my last yoga class. Out of the blue, the studio director singled me out and asked, “In one word, tell us what makes you feel powerful.” (Hala revaleda ang show.) That caught me by surprise so I didn’t quite know what to say. I thought about it for…read more