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Breastfeeding | Surviving The First Few Weeks

One would think that something as natural as breastfeeding would come easily. Unfortunately, that is not the case for many moms especially in the first week after giving birth. Being sixteen years out of practice, I watched every tutorial I could find on how to breastfeed successfully because I was determined to do so exclusively for as long as possible.…read more

A Series of Answered Prayers

It was on the fourth post-partum day that I stared at our newborn baby boy and was just overcome with emotion. It dawned on me that the tiny human in the bassinet was a series of answered prayers rolled into one. How apt that the first onesie we ever bought for him had the words, "I'm proof that God answers…read more

Homecooked: Pasta Pomodoro

My husband says that this his favorite among all the dishes I have prepared at home. It makes for a nice light dinner that is easy and requires very little time to prepare. This recipe came about from putting together tips from several cooking blogs and cooking shows. After a couple of tweaks, I've found the one that my family…read more