Lena Cup Review and Comparisons

I had had my eye on the Lena Cup for quite some time since switching to menstrual cups three years ago. The reviews had been mostly positive, so a few months ago, I finally got one. Having used it for several months now, I have to say that it’s no surprise that the brand is found in the top 10 of most menstrual cup reviews. I think this may be my Goldilocks cup!

Texture & Resistance

It’s been working perfectly for me. You can tell that the silicone is of top quality. It feels velvety, with smooth seams, and prominent grip rings. The only noticeable difference between that and my Ruby Cup is the firmer resistance, which I feel makes it ideal when I am working out because it stays in place. I get minimal to zero leaks. I suppose a first-time user would need a little more practice in inserting this because of the firmness. But it just takes a few tries before you get the hang of it. The Ruby Cup, with its softer resistance, was a little more comfortable to insert the first time. On the other hand, the firm resistance of the Lena allows it to pop open really easily once inserted. With softer cups, sometimes you need to kind of manipulate them a little bit when they stay folded after insertion. The Sinaya is a little too soft for me as I couldn’t get it to fully open, but would be great for those with sensitive bladders who prefer a softer resistance cup.


Each cup comes with its own pouch.

In terms of length, width, and capacity, the Lena and Ruby cups are almost identical. The Ruby is more of a bell-shaped cup while the Lena is more tulip-shaped. They are both quite short, which would make them ideal for women with low- to medium-height cervixes. The Sinaya Cup is much longer, so I would recommend this to those with medium-high to high cervixes, especially for the large. But don’t be fooled; The Lena and Ruby actually have a larger capacity due to their shapes. The Sinaya is a little more tapered.

Here’a a table showing the dimensions of these 3 brands as well as their different sizes. This way it’s easier for you to compare them.

Lena Cup (small)1.81"1.57"25 mlfirm
Lena Cup (large)2"1.77"30mlfirm
Ruby Cup (small)1.81"1.57"24mlmoderate
Ruby Cup (large)2"1.77"30mlmoderate
Sinaya Cup (small)2.165"1.69"18mlsoft (moderate at the rim)
Sinaya Cup (large)2.28"1.8"23mlsoft (moderate at the rim)

(Cup length comparisons. Click on each image to enlarge.)

Since I cut the stems off my cups, they don’t really matter to me. If I had to get nitpicky about it, I prefer the stems of the Lena and Sinaya because they are solid, as supposed to that of the Ruby Cup which is hollow. When you cut part of the stem off, it takes a little more work to clean that way. To fix that, I just cut the stem as close to the base as possible.


Cups aren’t cheap. The good-quality ones will range from P1200- P2000 each. but they are definitely a good investment. They will save you a lot of money in the long-run, with the added bonus of being zero-waste! Yay! I do encourage you to do a ton of research before ordering your first cup to increase your chances of getting the right one. I opted to go for brands that I knew were manufactured with the highest standards because you just can’t take chances with something that you’ll be putting inside your body; not to mention the fact that they will probably last longer than the cheaper ones. It’s just safer, and more cost-effective.

Anyhoo, to sum it up — I love the Lena Cup. I hope that you ladies will also find your goldilocks cup soon.

Make the switch to #cuplife! You won’t regret it…


Lena Cups are available at Bloom Body Shop. You can also send a direct message if you have any more questions.

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