Homecooked: Pasta Pomodoro

My husband says that this Pasta Pomodoro recipe is his favorite among all the dishes I have prepared at home. It makes for a nice light dinner that is easy and requires very little time to prepare. This recipe came about from putting together tips from several cooking blogs and cooking shows. After a couple of tweaks, I've found the…read more
Cebu, Food

Wining and Dining at The Weekend

Weekend (Kitchen and Taproom) is probably one of Cebu's most popular new restaurants. It seems that Jan Rodriguez, the man behind Irie and Ila Puti, hasn't slowed down in coming up with new ideas. With his partners Jay Alba, Jon Yu, and Edward Mellana, he has once again made an exciting addition to our growing culinary scene. I got a chance…read more

Lord Of The Ribs | Yea or Nay?

Lester and I finally found an opportunity to try out this relatively new restaurant called, "Lord Of The Ribs." I used to pass by their stall at Sugbo Mercado but just never got around to checking their food out. This time, since we were in the area, we figured it was worth a try... I mean, who doesn't love ribs?…read more


Like many families here in the Philippines, I grew up with household help. We always had someone to cook for us, which is why I never felt the need to learn how to do it myself. My mom is an excellent cook , but she only does it when she either HAS to, or when it’s Christmas time. My cooking…read more